I appreciate the following testimonials the men and women I worked with over the years.

Dr. Phillip Ramsaroop
Rev. Bill Matthews
Rev. Steve Kelly

Dr. Phillip RamsaroopIt is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Dr. Mike Ghouse. I first met Dr. Ghouse in the mid-nineties as a member of the Board of the Dallas Fort Worth Hindu Temple and as a member of the Chapel Committee of Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas.   I was pleasantly surprised, though a Muslim, he participated and volunteered his time and resources on the Hindu Temple’s projects and activities.   I later discovered that he did the same for other religious and cultural communities

Dr. Ghouse and I discovered that we had similar views on Culture, Religion and Humanitarian issues.   We shared the belief of the ‘Oneness of God’, and understood that sharing, exploration and discovery of each other’s faiths lead understanding, appreciation and acceptance. As a result there were more common grounds to appreciate, celebrate and share rather than being fearful of the unknown.

Dr. Ghouse continued his altruistic work in the area of Pluralism, and I am sure the same enthusiasm will be transferred to ‘Americans Together’.

Phillip M Ramsaroop
Past President of Dallas Fort Worth Hindu Temple Society
Past President of Yogi Cultural Organization of North America
Past member and representative of Thanksgiving Square Chapel Committee

 Rev. Bill Matthews

Communications Consultant for non-profits, International, Interfaith, Human Rights

Mike Ghouse is a living combination of a thinker, writer, speaker, philosopher, practical theologian, whose exemplary work for pluralism exudes acceptance to bridge beyond imagined differences to express the exemplary conviction that humanity lives and thrives on working together towards common goals, to overcome fear, suspicion and prejudice.

November 28, 2011, Bill worked directly with Dr. Mike at America Together Foundation

Rev. Steve Kille
July 11, 2016

I recently posted on my fiend, Mike Ghouse’s Facebook page, that “if you looked up pluralism in the dictionary, your photo would be there.”

I met Mike about ten years ago at his Unity Day event, now in it’s eleventh year.  I was amazed that Mike had reached out to every religious group in the Dallas area to invite representatives to give a few words and a prayer from their faith.  All were included, from Catholic to Morman, Lutheran to Wiccan.  Each religious group had brought their friends, so the event filled a large hotel room.  Mayors and other public officials also gave short speeches.  A reception afterwards allowed everyone to mingle.  I made it a point to go to this every year while Mike and I both lived in the Dallas area, and I encouraged my friends to come, too.

UnSteve-Killeity Day, I believe, is Mike’s signature annual event.  But he does so much more.   He is always organizing a meeting or forum to advance the understanding among faiths.  He is always helping others with their interfaith projects. He has friends from every religion, and honors all of them.  He has learned their religious greetings in their native language, and is always practicing speaking them.   Mike not only “talks the talk,” he really does “walk the walk.”

Mike is active with other groups that are promoting understanding among faiths.  I saw him at every interfaith event I attended.  When I organized an event with the “Ambassadors for Peace,” Mike gave generously of his time to make it a success.

Mike has made it his life’s work to encourage people to see the value in all faiths. He lives and breathes pluralism. I have learned so much from him, and I am a richer man for it.  God bless you, Mike.

Steve Kille
(former Dallas Chairman, Universal Peace Federation)

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