Fox News

There are over 150 TV Appearances and another 100 Radio shows with Fox News.  We hope to post them all here. Sean Hannity’s original website had my profile with all the updates, but when they built the new one, they have abandoned listing any guest on the show.

A few videos are shown below.

Dr. Mike Ghouse on Fox News about Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London


Dr. Mike Ghouse on the power of engagement with Fox News


Dr. Mike Ghouse with Stuart Varney on Fox News about Anti-ISIS demonstration


Radical Islam discussion – $5 Million Dollars to Dr. Mike Ghouse


Freedom of Speech, are Muslims stuck in Akhira – Dr. Mike Ghouse

Go get the radicals and not the Muslims – Dr. Mike Ghouse to Hannity

Dr Mike Ghouse addreses AMU conference

Dr. Mike Ghouse – how should Muslims handle Quran Burning?

Dr. Mike Ghouse on the steps of Lincoln Memorial about Anti-ISIS Rally


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