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Mike’s mission is to open people’s hearts and minds towards each other. Whatever he does, he does it wholeheartedly and pours his heart, mind, and soul into it.

He is a trailblazer, and nothing he has done has been done before. Each new challenge of work and society has been successfully met. His CV with business expertise and a 60-page extensive profile of accomplishments are appended below.

Everything begins with strategic planning, and Mike spends a considerable amount of time envisioning the outcomes and puts an effective plan together to achieve them.

He has excelled in public, media, government, and community relations. He is a good listener, and an outstanding communicator articulating the policies and procedures of the undertaking he represents effectively. Everyone in his group would know precisely the next step he or she has to take to achieve the overall objective.

He has seen the fruits of his work where individuals with opposing views have come together for the common good. He believes, by learning to respect the other otherness of others and accepting the God-given uniqueness of each one of us conflicts fade and solutions emerge. Mike is an accomplished conflict mitigator.

He is home with people of different races, faiths, cultures, ethnicities, sexual and political orientations. He is committed to building a cohesive work environment for the effective functioning of the organization.

In the next ten years, you will not find a place of public gathering where people of different races, faiths, ethnicities, and cultures do not interact, work and even marry together. We have the responsibility to prepare the society to deal with it, so we can enjoy our work and life rather than entangle ourselves in daily imaginary battles.

Mike is a frequent guest on National TV and Radio and has a strong presence in social media. He is a thinker, newsmaker, human rights activist, wedding officiant, and a Public Speaker.


Mike is passionate about Pluralism which he defines it as the attitude of “Respecting the otherness of others.”  He believes “If we can learn to respect the otherness of others, and accept the God-given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.”

He is a speaker, thinker, writer and an activist of pluralism, interfaith, human rights, diversity, Islam, Israel/Palestine, and India. He will motivate, educate and entertain your group in creating a cohesive environment to work, socialize and function effectively. He offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

Mike has a strong presence on National and local TV, Radio, and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on The Sean Hannity show and Varney & Co at Fox TV, and a commentator on radio networks.

He contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News, Huffington Post, and several other periodicals across the world. His site www.MikeGhouse.net links to all his work.

Mike has published over 3000 articles on a variety of subjects. Two books are poised to be released this year on Pluralism and building a cohesive America.

He has spoken and moderated at many international forums including the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions in Australia; Peace Initiative in Jerusalem; and International Leadership Conference in Hawaii, Chicago and Washington and at many college campuses.

Mike was a commissioner at the City of Carrollton and was a president of many organizations including Indian Creek Homeowners Association, North Texas Cricket Association and Dallas Fashions for Charity etc. He was on the board of Memnosyne Foundation, Dallas Peace Center, Dallas Home Builders Association and other organizations.

Concerned by the political, civil, religious, racial, sexual orientation and economic divisiveness, Mike has initiated and formed the America Together Foundation (ATF), a non-profit entity committed to building a cohesive America, where no American has to live with anxiety, apprehension, or fear of the other. The focus of the foundation is that ‘one must be free to live his or her life to the fullest’.

He firmly believes in our immortal declaration of independence.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Mike maintains a healthy balance between earning a living and serving the public.


  • D.D, A Doctor of Divinity from Trinity International Seminary
  • MBA, University of Dallas, Texas – Marketing and Operations Management.
  • Master’s Degree in Tax and management accounting from Bangalore University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking from Bangalore University (1971)


Mike has a comprehensive experience in business management, turning ailing operations around, home building, remodeling, management, and investments.

He was the deputy finance controller for Fluor Corporation in Saudi Arabia (1977-1981). Fluor was the largest Petro Chemical Engineering firms in the world then.

He was vice president of Lewis Fire Equipment, one of the largest fire protection companies in Texas. He was successful in turning around the company to profitability (1981-1983).

Since 1984, Mike has been in the home building and management consulting business. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions from some of the best in home building business.

  • Gemcraft Homes (1984)
  • Ryland Homes (#1 Manager-1985),
  • Grand Homes (#3 -1988),
  • Drees Custom Homes (#1-1999),
  • Bluff view Builders (2006) and
  • First City Homes (Since 2006) | Self-employed


  • Public Speaker
  • Pluralism Speaker
  • Speaker on Islam
  • Conflict Mitigation
  • Community outreach
  • Interfaith Relations
  • Religion Workshops
  • Blogger
  • TV/Radio Production
  • News Paper publishing
  • Author/Writer
  • Events Management
  • Sports Management
  • Operations Mgmt
  • Financial expertise
  • Business Systems
  • Budget Mgmt
  • Leadership Dev.
  • Organizer



Americans together are committed to building a cohesive America, where no American has to live with anxieties, the discomfort of fear of the other. We have the systems and programs in place to work towards building cohesive societies. www.AmericansTogether.org  Key programs to bring Americans together and build bridges

1) Unity Day USA – 11 Years of Annual Event & Awards– www.UnitydayUSA.com
2) Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides – 8th year – www.HolocaustandGenocides.com
3) Thanksgiving Celebrations – discontinued after 14 years due to timing.
4) Conferences on Racism, Anti-Semitism, misogyny, Islamophobia,


Our mission is to encourage individuals to develop an open mind and an open heart towards fellow beings. If we can learn to respect the otherness of others and accept the uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

It’s 20 years of work on religious, social, cultural and political pluralism involving 26 workshops in understanding religion, every beautiful religion; 520 hours of radio talk shows learning about the wisdom of every faith; writing and sharing the essence of the festivals of the world and nearly 1000 Articles on Pluralism, and over 225 of them published at Dallas Morning News and nearly 125 at Huffington post and several TV and Radio appearances.

www.CenterforPluralism.com | www.FoundationforPluralism.com (old)


We are committed to nurturing the pluralistic ideals embedded in Islam. To be a Muslim is to be a peacemaker, one who consistently seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity. God wants us to live in harmony with his creation; Life and Matter

WorldMuslimcongress.com | Quraantoday.com | ShariaLaws.com | Quraanconference.com


Standing up for others, Mike lives what he preaches. In the blog standing up for others, he has set an example of standing up for almost every representation of Americans. Standing up for others is the right thing to do, every human goes through a period of invincibility to vulnerability, if we don’t stand up for those who are susceptible, then who will stand up for us when we are unguarded? www.Standingupforothers.com




  • Texas Faith Panel, Dallas Morning News. Mr. Ghouse is a member of the Panel and writes about interfaith issues facing the nation every week. He has written close to 150 pieces over the last four years and almost every column he writes weaves through the essence of many religions.
  • The Huffington Post; Mike has written nearly 100 articles in the last two years. Occasionally his articles have been published at Washington Post and several national and international periodicals including Arab News, Tehran Times, Jakarta Post, Times of India, Daily Times and several others.
  • TV/Radio – Mike is a frequent guest on Fox News, “The Hannity Show”, and on nationally syndicated radio shows including Dallas TV, print and radio networks. He also had his own Half hour show in 1996 on TV52.
  • Google: Mike has consistently remained on the first page when you search for Pluralism Speaker, Interfaith speaker, and Muslim Speaker, whether it is the search or the images.
  • Blogs: Mike has written an average of 175 articles a year over a dozen years. Most of the columns were on interfaith/pluralism, in a given set of 10 articles, almost every religion would have been mentioned including Atheism, paganism and Native traditions.
  • Interfaith workshops: 26 live workshops were conducted between 2005 and 2007; Understanding Atheism to Zoroastrianism and every religion in between
  • Radio shows: Mike hosted 520 Hours of radio talk shows on “Understanding the essence of religions, each beautiful religion” with a representative of the respective faith 5 days a week on AM Radio 1150 in Dallas between 2003 and 2005.
  • Festivals of the World – The essence of major festivals of all religions were written up since 1993 in Asian American Journal, followed by Asian News Radio and the blogs, websites and the newspapers.
  • Pluralism flows in Mike’s veins. Even the tribute he wrote about his late wife, father, and mother was soaked with the essence of many religions.
  • The book “Americans together, building a cohesive America” will be out this year, and the next book, Muslims in America is poised to make it this year as well.
  • A documentary “Americans Together” is in the making; and it will present the full spectrum of American diversity, laden with programs and ideas on building a cohesive America, where no American has to live in discomfort, apprehension or fear of the other. It is expected to be out in 2016 prior to the General Elections.
  • Blogger: Mike passionately writes on topics including but not limited to; Pluralism, Holocaust and Genocides, International conflicts, Israel-Palestine, India, Sharia Laws, Quraan, Blasphemy, Apostasy, Hijab, Ground Zero Mosque, Peter King Hearings, Quraan, Terrorism, Ramadan, Islam, Media, local affairs etc.
  • International speaker: Mike has spoken at international forums including the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia; the Middle East Peace Initiative in Jerusalem; and the International Leadership Conference in Hawaii, Chicago, and Washington.


Mike has initiated, organized and established the following events. In each one of the events, we the people of the United States of America of every faith, race, ethnicity, culture, and background come together to express our commitment to co-existence, unity, safety and well being of our nation.

  • Annual Unity Day USA is a mainstream event commemorating 9/11 for ten years.  The UNITY DAY USA has become a symbol of unity among Americans. It is an initiative to come together to stand up for the safety, security, and cohesiveness of America. Every year we recognize five individuals who have made a difference in their communities, the trophy calls them pluralists in their field.
    Website: UnityDayUSA.com
  • 9/11 – Mike was on Radio from 10:00 AM till 4:30 on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, trying to make sense out of the chaos, he reached out to Mayors and community leaders to forge a common voice. Mike was a catalyst in commencing interfaith prayers, fundraising and blood donations that day. He pledged to serve the nation every year on that day, and Unity Day USA is the product of that commitment. http://911unitydayusa.blogspot.com/2011/09/911-story-interfaith-moments.html
  • Annual Holocaust and Genocides event has continued for the last seven years.  Education is the purpose, we have learned to acknowledge and reflect upon the terrible things we have inflicted upon each other and have committed ourselves to resist the temptations to be prejudiced and stereotype others. We cannot demand peace unless we are peaceful ourselves. Our safety hinges on the safety of others around us, and it behooves us to work for the safety and security of others on this little planet. We have to be continuously aware of the Holocaust and Genocides and prepare to say never again. Website: HolocaustandGenocides.com
  • Annual Thanksgiving Celebrations & Awards night was carried out for over ten years and due to overlapping of Unity Day, it is done on a small scale now. The purpose of celebrating this event is to thank God for helping us learn to accept, respect and appreciate each other’s cultural uniqueness.
    Website: Thanksgivingcelebrations.org
  • Qur’an Conference was held on December 5, 2010, in Dallas to demystify the myths about “troubled passages” from Qur’an with 10 Non-Muslim clergy panelists and 5 Muslim Imams. It was one of the most powerful educational programs to read Quraan first hand and share that understanding with the audience. Website: Quraanconference.com
  • Quran Burning event on 9/11/2013. When Pastor Jones announced burning 2998 copies of Qur’an on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, one for each American life lost on September 11, 2001, we decided to bring a closure to the sacrifice of our men and women in the most honored way and not by burning the Qurans. We wanted to assert to Muslims around the world, that our God-given right to freedom of speech is a value we treasure and hold it dear to us, ultimately it is the freedom that uplifts the whole humanity. On the other hand, offered an alternate Muslim behavior model to become the standard, indeed we can call it a genuine Islamic response based on Quran and examples of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    Website: http://worldmuslimcongress.blogspot.com/2014/03/a-new-paradigm-in-muslim-world.html

Serving the community

Mike has earned the goodwill from among different faiths, races , nd ethnicities across America by serving and contributing towards the overall good of America. He makes a conscious effort to reach out to every representation of America.

  • Commissioner, City of Carrollton (2007-2010) He has close relations with the civic leadership, local community and politicians. He not only served the city at large but also hosted candidates’ forum shaping the politics of Carrollton. The Mayors and Council members have participated in Annual events.
  • Founding Director, Memnosyne Foundation, Dallas, TX (2007-2010) reaching out to Native Americans across the continent.
  • Director, Dallas Peace Center, Dallas, TX (2006 – 2010), the oldest peace organization in Dallas.
  • Organizer, Zindagi Trust of USA. Fund raising for Children’s education in Pakistan in the years 2006, 2008 and Founding Director of Pratham USA (2005), an education trust in India with a goal to remove illiteracy.
  • Ambassador for Peace, Universal Peace Federation, Dallas, TX since 2005 he has reached to the African American clergy and has been a part of the Middle East Peace Initiative and has spoken at a peace conference in Jerusalem.
  • Community – Mike was elected President of the Indian Creek HOA (2004-2006), and his leadership skills pulled diverse people together to serve on, one of the largest HOA’s in Dallas area for two terms.
  • Registrar, Women’s III International Conference in Dallas 2005, handling 3000 Global registrations.
  • Sports – Mike was a President of North Texas Cricket Association (2002-2004). Under his leadership the outlook for Cricket in the USA brightened, leaving behind 16 Cricket grounds, raising from 6 teams to 32, and winning an international award for the best overall Cricket development in the western hemisphere.
  • Director, Home Builders Association, Sales & Marketing Council (1999-2001) and member, Government Relations Committee (2001-2005)
  • Media: Producer and host of Talk Show Radio (1996-2006) / Producer, editor and anchor of weekly 30 minutes TV Show on community affairs in 1996
  • Publisher of weekly Asian American Journal. (1993-2001).
  • Publisher of several handbooks on Pluralism, Islam and India.
  • 35 Major public events related with Pluralism and interfaith.
  • 26 Workshops on Understanding religion, 13 religions including Atheism
  • 520 Hours of Radio show on Religions


Mike just cannot sit quietly when he feels he can raise his voice. He was inspired by many a spiritual masters. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of Mike’s mentors, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice, whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly”.

The Native American Chief Seattle said we are merely a strand in this World Wide Web; if we mess one, we mess the others. Prophet Muhammad’s said when you see injustice, the least you can do is to speak up. Mike’s Grandfather and his father also inspired him to be an activist.

  • Anti-Semitism – Mr. Fred Phelps is one of the famous Anti-Semitic Pastors from Kansas, he was protesting in front of the Dallas Holocaust Museum, Texas Jewish Post, Akiba Academy, Synagogues, St. Mary’s Guadalupe and the GLBT church. Mike was there standing with the Jews, immigrants and Catholics, believing that we need to stand up together. He pulled the Holocaust Survivors together in the Museum and prayed for the well being of all.
  • Immigration Reforms Rally – Mike joined the Lulac to March in downtown with the community and Spanish leaders to demand immigration reforms, where he gave one of his famous speeches “Standing up for others” at Dallas City Hall to a gathering of 8000.
  • Immigration protest at Farmers Branch: When the City undertook to undermine the Federal Government on undocumented aliens, Mike was there walking with the group to Mayor’s office. Dallas Morning News printed Mike’s picture on the top front page, which was repeated in 200 dailies across Latin America producing a barrage of hate mail.
  • Gaza Protest: In December 2009, during Gthe aza Siege, Mike represented Dallas Peace Center as a director at the Grassy Knoll, Downtown Dallas where JFK was shot. There was a Jewish man having arguments with a few Palestinians, the police was chasing him for causing distress, Mike stood up for him against the police demand to leave, and when they decided to arrest him, the other guy walked away and they backed off.
  • Gujarat Massacre: Nearly 1000 Indian Muslims were massacred in the mayhem in Gujarat; Mike organized a Rally in pthe rotest held in downtown at the court house.
  • Anti-War Rally: Participated in Anti-War rallies down town Dallas several times.
  • Gay March – World War II witnessed the massacre of Gays and the march was organized in Oak Lawn which Mike participated. He also participated in the South Dallas aids walk.
  • Gandhi Walk and the Partnership Walk, an Annual event since 2009 and 2000 respectively.
  • Mike has also written petitions, called on people and wrote about the mistreatment of Atheists, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Pagans, Sikhs, Wicca, Native Americans, Zoroastrians and of course Muslims around the world.
  • Guest Visitation Programs – Every year civil and religious leadership from Mthe iddle East and North Africa visits the United States, and invariably, I have the pleasure of meeting with them to talk about interfaith movements and Pluralism in America.




Most of the blogs are topical; here is a brief rundown of the blogs owned and managed by Mike;


Over 3000 articles have been published; of which nearly a 1000 are on interfaith and pluralism matters, 250 alone at Dallas Morning news and about 150 at Huffington post and the rest at several Newspapers and magazines. Another 1000 on many aspects of Islam, and the rest of the 1000+ on foreign policy, politics, tributes, sports, movies and cultural items.

700 Hours of Radio Show on “Wisdom of religion, all the beautiful religions” was aired in 2003-2004-2005.

26 Workshops, wthe isdom of Religions from Atheist to Zoroastrian and every one in between 2 sets of 13 workshops was organized in Dallas in 2004-2005.

I am blessed to be a part of every faith tradition; you can Google search the following phrases for amazing results.

  1. Atheist Mike Ghouse
  2. Baha’i Mike Ghouse
  3. Buddhist Mike Ghouse
  4. Christian Mike Ghouse
  5. Hindu Mike Ghouse
  6. Jain Mike Ghouse
  7. Jewish Mike Ghouse
  8. Native American Mike Ghouse
  9. Pagan Mike Ghouse
  10. Sikh Mike Ghouse
  11. Wicca Mike Ghouse
  12. Zoroastrian Mike Ghouse

You can also Google Search

  1. Name of Festival (Most Festivals) Mike Ghouse

God has blessed me with the ability to stand up for everyone from Atheist to Zoroastrian and every one in between.   Check out www.StandingupforOthers.com

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