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Americans together

we are pleased to announce the launch of America Together foundation, committed to building a cohesive America. The organization will focus on bringing Americans together with a series of educational programs to address the critical issues facing our nation in an open forum to find pluralistic solutions to restore the cohesiveness of our society and work towards building a safe and secure America. No American has to live in anxieties, discomfort or fear of the other.

Standing up for others

It is inspiring to see those who stand up for others.Standing up for others is the right thing to do, every human goes through a period of invincibility to vulnerability, if we don’t stand up for those who are vulnerable, then who will stand up for us when we are vulnerable?

Mike Ghouse for America

I have a dream, a dream to strengthen the pluralistic values of America, and the desire to encourage the community of nations to review our values of Liberty, Justice and co-existence as catalysts for prosperity. No community or a nation can have undue advantages over others. Such benefits are temporary and deleterious to lasting peace. We have to maintain a healthy balance within our communities and with all nations, what is good for America, has got to be good for the world and vice versa.

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