Five books have been in the making in various stages

  1. Standing up for others
  2. Quran, what it is?
  3. Mistakes Muslims have made
  4. Pluralism for dummies
  5. Pluralism for Children

Why should anyone stand up for you?

Standing up for others is the right thing to do; every human goes through a period of invincibility to vulnerability, and if we don’t stand up for those who are vulnerable, then why should anyone stand up for us when we are vulnerable?

The most difficult and influential scene of my life was watching Jews inhumanely herded to a huge pit, and were shot into it during the Holocaust. The hurtful looks in their eyes has been very painful to me. I connected with their plea, in my college I helped a friend with answers during the exams, and was caught red handed and taken to the Principal’s office. None of my friends stood up for me, I was looking at them, perhaps even for an acknowledgement, and they walked away as if I did not exist. I can never forget my helplessness and I said, never again.

The story is same whether it is Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, Kurds, Pol Pot, Gujarat, Sikh Genocide, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Native Americans, Africans, Maya….  There is a pattern insecure animal in the perpetrators. The world betrayed the victims in all cases. I saw the pain in their eyes standing in front of that pit with dignity. They were looking at the world and saying in their hearts “where are you my friends, where are you? Where is humanity in you? Are you just going to let this happen? What happened to our friendship, did that mean anything to you?

Evil persists in the world, not because of bad people, but because good people do nothing about it.  We have to tell the bad guys that the world is not with them, and when enough people speak up to begin the process of weakening the bad and strengthening the good, for the common good of all parties, the world would become a better place to live.    The idea of alms, charity, taking care of the elderly, weak, sick and the children is a common theme in every religious tradition. It is indeed the insurance for every one’s well being.

I cannot be at secure when others around me aren’t, and hence it behooves for me to take care of the ones who need assistance.

If we allow bias towards any human, we miss out a part of God in our spirit.  Fight your bias towards others from now on, and see how happy you would be. We are made to be good humans and if we become one, we are home!

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