This website www.MikeGhouse.net provides links to most of Mike’s work, but not all.  Some of the work is laid out in bullet format at Curriculum Vitae and some in various sitest listed at the bottom of the home page.

Mike was born on January 1, 1952 in Bangalore, India.  A native of Yelahanka, a suburb of Bangalore.

Yelahanka is his home town, that is where his parents are buried.  Every time he visits Bangalore,  the cemetery is the first stop he visits to pay homage to his parents and relatives.

Due to his father’s prominence, he was a fully integrated part of the town. His father was a Mayor (they called it President) of the town of Yelahanka and was a council member for several terms. He was very popular among all people.

Mike lived right in the center of the town on Bazaar Road in a house that was built by the founder of Bangalore – Mr. Kempe Gowda in the early 16th Century around 1520 AD.

Mike’s family sold that house to the Mayor of Yelahanka in 2014.

His father’s proclivities to serve the communities – both the mainstream and Muslim community has made it to him as well.

Mike was a commissioner-at-large in City of Carrollton, Texas and of course, he has served in many organizations and continues to volunteer.  Served on the board and was the president of the Carrollton Indian Creek HOA for two terms, one of the largest ones in Carrollton.  He was president of North Texas Cricket Association, Chair Person for Dallas Fashion for Charity etc…
Served on boards of many organizations including Memnosyne Foundation, Dallas Peace Center and other organizations. He will pull the list together some day.

Volunteerism runs in his veins.  Way back when he was in his early teens, he and a few friends formed a group to focus on burying the dead people who had no relatives or no one to bury.  Mike always laughs at the name of that committee – it was called “Mauta Committee” literally meaning death committee.  Some of the committee members were Ghani, Shafi and Nazeer to name a few.

Mike Ghouse

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