A Tribute to Muslim Legend: Abdul Sattar Edhi

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He is what a true Muslim ought to be; caring for fellow humans from his heart, mind and soul, and he lived the simplest life among the people he served with no distinction.

He is the Mukhlooqul Aalameen – God’s man for the universe. He belonged to the whole humanity and his love for people had no bounds.

A few months ago, he surprised the entire world and got adulation from around the world. A little girl who was deaf and mute was lost in Pakistan some 13 years ago, and no one knew her whereabouts, but she sounded like a Hindu girl. So Mr. Edhi and his wife Bilqees both Muslims raised Geeta, in her own tradition including taking her to the Hindu Temple. This is the height of respecting the otherness of others and respecting the God given uniqueness of each one of us. He was secure in his faith and I pray more of us feel secure about our faiths to learn and honor the others with equal reverence. Such was the power of his faith!

“Abdul Sattar Edhi was an exceptional human being who dedicated all his life to serve the poor and under privileged in Pakistan. His philanthropy was a unique example which touched so many lives and made a real difference. Pakistan lost a hero and a champion of the poor and we all will miss him as a role model of serving the humanity”. Dr. Aquilur Rahman, Potomac, MD

“I am sad at the demise of Abdul Sattar Edhi. He was s true worker for humanity. He treated people with utmost respect regardless of cast, color, creed, religion etc. He truly followed Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan.
His death has left a big vacuum and I hope and pray that his foundation will carry on his mission.” Vasdev Lohano, MD.

Mr. Edhi was truly a great man. He was someone who practiced what he preached. He taught people to do the right thing by doing it himself. Javed Samuel Gill, Plano, Texas.

Although I never met him personally I did exchange a few emails. He always reminded me of Bhagat Puran Singh who preceded him a few years in life. Both migrated to the other side of the border after the infamous partition of Indian subcontinent in 1947, and even refugees themselves they did not give up on their mission. Both elevated souls remained fully immersed in helping others particularly in conditions where others would not readily engage. I can truly call both as entrepreneurs in serving others as they went through almost insurmountable problems to establishing their centers of altruism. Both served humanity with steadfastness for compassionate without prejudice of religion, ethnicity, and caste or any other factors that usually succeed in torpedoing projects of altruism. Both became shining illustration what the Guru Granth Sahib described on page 760 as,

ਜੀਵਨ ਰੂਪ ਅਨੂਪ ਦਇਆਲਾ ॥Whose life is an embodiment of unmatched compassion.

They kept aloof from politics even during the height of civil wars that the partition unleashed, and they continued to be engaged in humanitarian considerations.

Harbans Lal, PhD; D.Litt (hons)
Emeritus Professor and Chairman, Dept of Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Nauman Anwar, Albuquerque, NM, “Edhi murhoom was the / is a living embodiment of a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “the best among you is the one most beneficial to others”.

“Speechless. During my last visit to Pakistan (Karachi) I visited him and surprised to see his simplicity in comparison to empire. He offered us lunch when we excused he offered tea that was in simple glasses and his lunch was same as distributing among drivers.” Parmod Pahwa

A simple noble soul
No frills, no trumpets, clad in ordinary clothes
His adornment was his vision
In Humanity he saw no division
To him human smell was never foul
To him there was Divine Beauty in every soul

He leaves with just one message
“Be good to others to mark my Passage”

Farooq Khan, Fort Worth, Texas

“Best tribute to him would be to end discrimination at all levels and

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